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Deck Temporary Protection

Prevent damage to decks

Our deck protection systems help you save money.

Preventing damage to decks is less costly and labour-intensive than repairing them once harm has been done.

Our range of products can help you to prevent:

  • Stains from water, chemicals and oil
  • Impact damage or scratches while your people are working on deck (safely, because our products have an anti-slip finish)
  • Damage during hot work (ask us about our range of non combustible high-temperature textiles – 550°C to 1300°C )

You can select tough, reinforced waterproof materials that are resistant to punctures, rips and tearing. Our products also save you time as they're flexible, easy to fit, easy to remove, and require little jointing and taping. They are either re-usable or recyclable and all are environmentally friendly.

Our deck protection systems are available in rolls, sheets or tiles of different dimensions to fit all decks and requirements.

Deck Temporary Protection examples

Protec Marine's products can help you protect:

  • Different deck surfaces: steel, wood, anti-slip and painted surfaces, etc.
  • Special areas such as helipads, flight decks, swimming pools, public areas, etc.

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Worldwide availability

We provide temporary protection products and advice to shipbuilders and refitters across the globe.

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Heavy-duty deck protection system – flexible and durable

  • Follows the curvature of the deck, and does not warp when wet
  • Easy to install, light-weight and anti-slip
  • Resists most chemicals and paints
  • Flame retardant, resists welding and grinding sparks and extreme temperatures
  • Easy to store and re-use
  • Made with 100% recycled material

During refits, containers full of material and waste skips are often stored on our deck protection systems, which can easily resist many tonnes of weight.

We've tested our Heavy-duty Deck Protection Tiles with vehicles, fork lifts, cherry pickers, stationary cranes – and even a 44.5 tonne truck in constant motion! In all of our tests, the deck remained completely unharmed.

Protec Marine's Heavy-Duty Deck Protection System in action – protecting an external deck during hot work

Designed precisely for your needs

Do you have a special temporary protection requirement? Protec Marine can develop custom-designed protection materials for your specific application.

Don't feel the heat

Our products are supplied with all relevant flame retardancy certification, so that they are compliant with your insurance requirements. Each product is also audited by external parties on a yearly basis to guarantee consistency.


All of our products can be re-used and recycled.

Our products, your company logo

Several of Protec Marine's products can be printed with your logo and messages in multiple colours.