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Custom Product Development Service

Our customer comes first

We work with you to provide the best temporary protection solution for any surface on board the ship, yacht, vessel or platform that you're building or refitting.

Benefit from our expertise

Protec Marine has 20 years of experience in all sectors of shipbuilding and refitting. This diverse expertise enables us to fully understand your protection requirements, then design and manufacture customised products that will solve your problem perfectly.

Designed precisely for your needs

Our custom-made products have the same purpose as our standard products: to prevent damage while you're working on board, so you can finish the job on time and on budget.

Examples of products we've designed for our customers:

Reinforced PVC Flame Retardant Cover 40m x 15m design, manufacture and installation
Moulded Flame Retardant Closed Cell Foam socket covers
Bespoke Flame Retardant PP covers for equipment protection
Bespoke Equipment Protection made with flame retardant corrugated plastic sheet

How we work with you

Our custom product development process:

  1. Initially we do an audit on your current methods of protection.

  2. We then advise you on what improvements can be made using our standard range of stock products, and where costs can be saved either by more competitive pricing or by products that offer better performance and efficiency.

  3. If none of our standard products can meet your specific requirements, we will look at how we have solved similar protection challenges in other shipyards.

  4. When confronted with an entirely new protection requirement, we use our 20 years of experience in the marine sector (and extensive network of industry experts) to develop a custom-made solution.

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We provide temporary protection products and advice to shipbuilders and refitters across the globe.

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