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marine temporary protection materials

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Why choose Protec Marine?

We work with you to provide the best temporary protection products for all areas on board the yacht, ship, vessel or platform that you're building or refitting.

Every yard is special. Every ship is unique. Every vessel is valuable. But all of our products have the same purpose: to help you prevent damage and to finish the job on time and on budget.

Our company

Market leaders with an eye for detail

We're leaders in our industry. Protec Marine is a division of Protec International, the world's largest specialist in temporary protection.

Shipbuilders and refitters across the globe put their trust in our products. We operate in 22 countries, and our international strategic partners distribute Protec Marine products all around the world.

No matter how small or large your order, we check every shipment twice and photograph it before it leaves our warehouse. So you get exactly what you ordered, when and where you need it.

Our people

You're in safe hands

The secret of our success? It's people. Our people are experts in naval architecture and shipbuilding. They understand all the temporary protection challenges that can arise in a yard or at sea.

You gain from our experience in all sectors of shipbuilding and refitting. This diverse expertise means that if we don't have what you're looking for, we will develop it.

You also benefit from our network of external experts. They've been involved in almost impossible tasks, like creating a 40m x 15m protective cover for an aircraft carrier that had to be transported 650 miles by sea.

Our process

How we work with you

  1. First, we audit your current methods of protection.

  2. We then advise you on what improvements can be made using our standard range of stock products – and where costs can be saved by more competitive pricing or by products that offer better performance and efficiency.

  3. We provide price quotes within 24 hours or less. When not possible, we give you daily progress updates.

  4. If none of our standard products fit your specific requirements, we will look at how we've solved similar protection challenges in other shipyards.

  5. When confronted with an entirely new protection requirement, we use our 20 years of experience in the marine sector (and extensive network of industry experts) to develop a custom-made solution.

  6. All products are picked and packed using a barcode system to ensure the orders are correct – especially important when shipping to the other side of the world.

  7. All export shipments are photographed and double-checked when packed to ensure that all the correct items are on board.

If you need our advice after your products are delivered, we will support you with the best customer care in the marine temporary protection materials market.